Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Review of the ACN Income Opportunity

ACN is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This company is based on technological merchandises that are marketed through multi-level marketing. They offer better services and value on things that we all usage every twenty-four hours with a concern chance to do income in the gross sales of these products.


Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and Tony and Microphone Cupisz (twin brothers) founded this company in 1992. They named it American Communications Network, Inc. They made this company based on solid ethical motive and with a just compensation plan. They are each very involved with the company's day-to-day activities and desire to do this a successful company worldwide.

They opened for concern in January 1993 with lone 20 independent reps. They first started their concern reselling long distance called LCI Communications. They were with this company for five years, and then Qwest Communications purchased LCI.

In 1998 they were listed in INC. Magazine as the 22nd in line of the 500 fastest growth companies privately owned, then making gross of a small more than than $98 million. They have got also been featured in Success from Home and United States Today. They are also proud members of the Direct Selling Association, which is a national trade association of the prima companies.


They offer a assortment of merchandises such as as long distance service for residential and businesses. They supply a digital telephone service that lets you to do phone calls using a broadband Internet connexion rather than a landline, also known as VoIP. This supplies their clients ability to name anyone, whether it is to a cell telephone or another Internet connection. They also supply an ACN videophone, enabling you to link in a whole new way.

They supply a radio service that offerings their clients the convenience, pick and value over the retail services. They offer reduced rates on their telephones and equipment, a custom-made web portal, selecting programs that work best for you. ACN also offers Internet entree with many options to take from. They have got a DSL Premium program or you can take their dial-up plan.

Business Plan:

This concern plant on a multi-level marketing compensation plan. Approximately 15 to 20% of every dollar spent is on their products. The grounds for such as low payout percents are owed to the services they are selling. They are in a very competitory marketplace which is going up against companies like Vonage, who also offers a digital telephone service for under $25 a month. Therefore, a low net income border is the consequence of trying to vie this type of market. The bulk of the distributers trying to do it in this company are having a spot of a struggle. They necessitate to keep an active residuary income to attain their desired income level. They can't trust on their gross sales because of the ferocious competition that have saturated the market, thus giving them a low per centum of the company's payout.

With such as a low comp rate, according to the industry averages, aches the distributors. The merchandises are great; there is no statement there. They supply a great service for the customers. The chief drawback is that a distributer will necessitate to have got a squad of immense proportionalities in order to do this a full clip income. If you are looking for a great merchandise and the money is not so much of an issue with you, then this would be a great company to look into.

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