Friday, November 23, 2007

Chantecaille Skin Care And Cosmetics

Chantecaille is a extravagance cosmetics and tegument attention line whose focusing is on providing quality merchandises with botanical ingredients. Every merchandise is botanical, gentle, and healing. It compounds pure botanicals, flowers, indispensable oils, and vitamins with advanced engineering to bring forth one of a sort merchandise that odor and experience delightful on your skin.

All merchandises are aroma free and never tested on animals. The lone aroma you may odor is the natural oils, flowers, and rose H2O used to do them. Founded in 1997 by Sylvie Chantecaille, former Senior Frailty President and Creative Director for Prescriptives, Chantecaille is a full scope tegument care, cosmetics and aroma company that is co-run with daughter, Olivia.

Some of what you will happen in the Chantecaille collection, include:

Pure Rosewater Spray -

Rose flower petals are harvested by manus in Grasse, France, and distilled in the early morning time hours in well water. The Rosewater is sprayed on the human face to battle the marks of aging, and purify the skin.

Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser.

A gentle, yet extremely effective, creamy, exfoliating cleansing agent is portion of the Chantecaille Aromacologie Collection, which blends Chinese medicine, biotechnology and European flower pharmacology.

Stress Repair Dressed Ore Eye Cream -

Made with 87% botanicals, greenish tea, whortleberry extract, and orange water, this radical oculus pick instantly decreases the visual aspect of mulct lines and dark under oculus circles while it tightens and fixes the skin, resulting in brighter, firmer looking eyes.

Nano Gold Energizing Cream -

Made with nanoparticles of 24k gold, a natural protein, pineapple works juice, Rosmarinus officinalis leafage extract, and Genus Plantago infusion (a plant establish in the Swiss Alps) This radical anti ageing pick heals the tegument using the powerfulness of gold.

Aquablush -

Available in five shades, it incorporate 50% water, SPF 8, Vitamin C, and indispensable oils.

Lipstick -

Available in a broad array of color, it incorporates natural wax and SPF 6-8.

These are just a few of the many merchandises offered by Chantecaille.

This full cosmetics, tegument attention and aroma line, with natural botanicals and SPF protection include a broad mixture of merchandises including:

· Lipstick

· Eye shadow

· Blush

· Mascara

· Concealer

· Foundation

· Powder

· Tools

· Cleansers

· Moisturizers

· Antiaging

· SPF protection

· Eye cream

· Body Cream

· Parfum

· Eau Delaware parfum

This extravagance line goes on to turn with a strong following, including many celebrities, theoretical accounts and women who seek only the high-grade ingredients for their skin. Their merchandises are available at choice upscale retail merchants such as as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Barney's.

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Athrunxala said...

I love the Chantecaille skincare products. It's all I ever use on my skin because I it just works better then the rest.