Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Analyzing And Increasing Your Ebook Sales

Many first clip ebook authors contact me asking how to increase gross sales of their ebook. The first thing to see if your ebook gross gross sales are low is the amount of traffic that your sales page is getting. Selling your ebook is just as of import as authorship it. You can have got the best ebook in the world, but if no 1 visits your gross gross gross sales page, you will not do any sales.

If you are only sending 10 people a twenty-four hours to your sales page, you necessitate to step up your selling methods. The cardinal to making money with an ebook (or any merchandise on the Internet) is traffic. There are many traffic-building methods that you can use; writing articles, placing advertisements, wage per chink programs, forums, email, etc. If the deficiency of traffic is your problem, do some kind of improvement to your traffic generating techniques.

The first order of concern is analyzing your traffic. Install a good unseeable counter on your ebook gross sales page. Then check up on the counter statistics every twenty-four hours and shop these day-to-day Numbers in a spreadsheet. In addition, maintain path of the figure of gross sales that you generate. These statistics are vitally of import to diagnose the ground for poor, or non-existent sales.

On average, ebooks on the Internet sell (or convert) at about one percent. That is, you can anticipate to sell 1 merchandise for every one hundred people that visit your gross sales page. If a thousand people have got visited your gross gross sales page and you've made 15 sales, you are doing quite well. On the other hand, if you only generated 4 sales, you necessitate to do some accommodation to your gross gross sales page. That is the ground that you necessitate to utilize a good stat counter, so you can maintain path of these statistics and find how you are doing.

By analyzing and keeping path of your ebook traffic and sales, you can find the techniques required to increase your ebook sales.

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