Wednesday, January 30, 2008

E-book Authors Consider This First

Considering authorship an ebook...consider this...

When you are authorship about anything, passionateness radiances through!

Think about it, retrieve at school when you were forced to compose essays, and the subject did not involvement you in slightest?

You had to practically coerce yourself to write, counting the words, hoping to have got got got got got got got got got got got got reached the needed amount.


When you compose about something you are passionate about, a niche or topic that truly involvements you, the originative juices begin flowing and the authorship is so much easier!

So if you are going to compose your ain ebook, take a topic that:

You are passionate about

You are interested in

You cognize a batch about!

It will make authorship your ebook so much easier, trust me!

Ok now you have a subject or topic in mind, you necessitate to cognize what your niche marketplace NEED!

So you have to happen out:

What jobs your marketplace have

What solutions they are looking for

What they are willing to pay for!

You are going to supply them with the information they will be falling over themselves to pay you money for!

How can you happen out what your niche marketplace want?


Visit related forums!

Simply hunt Google, Yokel or MSN for "Your Subject" Forum.

Next, expression at the posts, see what the members are looking for, what advice are they asking for, it really is that simple!

Once you have a listing of questions, collect the replies into an ebook then you can:

Give forum members a free copy, of course, the free transcript would incorporate relevant affiliate golf course of study to make you money on the dorsum end!

Or sell the ebook to them!

If you make not research your "niche" you will stop up writing, creating and trying to sell an ebook that no 1 desires to buy!

So all your difficult work have been for nothing!


Ok, so if you have an ebook subject in mind, don't just plough ahead and compose the ebook, it takes much more than idea than that!

We are going to believe 2 stairway ahead.

After the reader have finished your ebook, what will they look for next...


Let's say a lady purchases an ebook "How To Get Pregnant", what might she desire next?

Assuming she acquires pregnant...

Guide To The Delivery Room

Breastfeeding Guide

Baby Name Calling Ebook

Your New Baby's 1st Year

Toddler Eating Guide

The listing is eternal as you can see!

If you can set yourself in the readers shoes...

Imagine what phase or measure they necessitate next...

Then you can guarantee your first ebook takes to ebook no2...

Ebook No2 Pbs to Ebook no3 and so on!

I maintain saying merchandising ebooks is not rocket science and it isn't!

Of course, you don't have to compose all the follow up ebooks there are one thousands already written with Maestro Resell Rights!

Ok, so what next, you have your topic, you have your follow up gross sales so...

Get your ebook "out there"...

I cognize you will never experience your ebook is good adequate or ready for release!

I felt the same, entire fearfulness of failure, bad feedback, but acquire your ebook written and out there, people will soon allow you cognize what they think!

Then you can amend, your ebook!

Give away some free transcripts and inquire other peoples opinion, then "tweak" your ebook to perfection!

Ok, the ebook is written and "tweaked"

Now you necessitate to marketplace it...

You have to happen out where you aim "niche" hang out, so back to the forums again!

Find similar content websites, and contact the owners, inquire them to advance your ebook!

Ok, so they may not advance it for free, so state them you will give their land site a free nexus inside your ebook, or set up an affiliate programme and give them a committee for merchandising your ebook.

Write articles related to your ebook content and station them on popular article directories.

Write littler e-reports, nexus to your chief ebook from them, and sell them on eBay!

Allow your ebook to have branded golf course inside it!

Again, the possibilities are unlimited!

Remember, once you have written your ebook, the difficult work isn't over, it have just started!

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