Sunday, January 27, 2008

Writing Mentors - 7 Tips For Choosing A Mentor To Help You Write Your Articles And Ebook

Writing articles and ebooks takes subject and doggedness on your part. The wages will be great, but you must educate yourself and happen a wise man to assist you through the process. There are many people who desire to demo you how to write, marketplace and sell your articles, short studies and ebooks, but few of them have got done it themselves. Brand certain you work with a authorship wise man who is available to assist you and reply your inquiries on a regular basis. Here are 7 tips for determination the right wise man to help you with your writing.

· Bash not utilize electronic mail as your sole manner of receiving mentoring. Ask the wise man if they are available for telephone set audience on an in progress basis.

· If they are holding regularly scheduled teleseminars, inquire to be included on a couple of phone calls to see if their style entreaties to you.

· Don't subscribe up for a long term programme until you have got experienced what it is like to be in their programs.

· Bash not allow anyone pressure level you into sign language up for an expensive mentoring program. You should be able to pass some clip before you make up one's mind on a mentor. If the wise man have a less priced entry degree program, you may desire to subscribe up for that first. Ask if you can have got recognition towards the wise man programme for any money you pass with them before you fall in their program.

· Ask the wise man if they have any pupils who would be willing to state you what their experience have been like in the mentoring program.

· Discovery out what the wise man have written. If they are truly a mentor, they will be able to demo you their articles or ebooks they have got recently written.

· Beryllium willing to do a committedness to the programme once you fall in as a mentee. Your success will depend on how much clip and energy you concentrate on your writing.

Take all of these tips into consideration before sign language up to work with a authorship mentor. Your authorship success is too of import to swear to just anyone.

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