Monday, March 3, 2008

Fisher F-2 - A Super Start-Up Metal Detector

I have got been a large fan of Fisherman Metallic Element Detectors since the early 70's. I have got owned 15 different theoretical accounts and establish nearly 100,000 coins and nearly 400 gold rings utilizing these mulct instruments. from the Medalert 11 to the cz20, I have got got only had to have one repaired as Fisherman do durable, quality machines that wage for themselves over and over again. I am very excited about the up-to-the-minute start-up unit of measurement the F-2. The 1210 and 1212x units of measurement were and are astonishing start-up machines, but I can only state belly laugh when I utilize the F-2. Contact a Fisherman trader and catch this unit of measurement up while the 4" spiral is still a bonus. I would! It is the best machine for the vaulting horse that I have got owned. This advanced sensor have more than characteristics than most sensors selling in the $500 to $600 range.

Here are the F-2's Feaures:

Target Display with Numbers from 0 to 99 (very big numbers)

Depth Meter

Battery Meter

Sensitivity Control

Target Groups for Notch

Tone ID

Pinpoint Button

Power Button

Adjustable Settings: Sensivity, Discrimination, Notch

All of this for $199. The F-2 come ups with a stock 8" spiral plus a hot 4" spiral with other less perch and hardware. Again Iodine state WOW!

I took the F2 to my diagnostic test gardens to see what it is capable of doing. With the criterion 8" cringle I was able to observe every coin buried up to eight ins deep. Silver dimes at 6 to 7 ins were weak signalings as were Ag living quarters at 7 to 8 inches. Wheat cents gave good signalings down to about 5 to 6 ins and old Nis came in at 6-7 ins in both of my 5 Feet square gardens. This is very impressive depth for a low end detector. My astonishment with this visible light weight unit of measurement dramatically increased when I switched to the 4 inch spiral and went to my rubbish garden to give it a existent exercise and diagnostic test its TID system. This 3 feet square garden have a assortment of dad tops and draw checks going all the manner back to the early 70's asset pencil erasers, foil, chewing chewing gum paper/packages, etc. All the debris you would happen in a schoolyard or athletics bowl plus new and old coins in stopping point proximity.

The newer pulling checks read between 33-35 and most Nis read at 30 to 32 with a few hitting 33. In a substance of proceedings I could separate between almost every check and both my aged and newer nickels. Incredible! No Ni read higher than 33 and most checks read 34 or 35. I have got never establish a start-up unit of measurement that tin make this. Tesoro have some of the best differentiating units of measurement of measurement for Nis poetries tabs, but my units selling for $500 -$700 dollars did not outperform the F-2. The Fisherman 4" spiral also proved itself depth wise. The Nis and dimes at 5 to 7 ins deep came in very clear, the mark system was very stable and the response velocity on this spiral is fantastic. I was so impressed with this little coil, that I chose to utilize it at the beach, my high school bowl and old school pace diagnostic test spots.

In a four hr time period at Sponger Stadium, I dug up 211 coins with a human face value of $19.55. Nothing old and exciting as field was built after Ag disappeared from circulation. Yet 53 coins an hr is very good production. That is almost a coin a minute. This is my 2nd peak four hr sum at this bowl in more than than 35 old age hunting there. In 1985 using a Fisherman 1260 with a 4" coil, I took 244 coins in this clip period. That was the Prime Minister top of the line sensor of that clip framework and I paid over $400. on a Christmastide special. Bash you understand why I maintain saying belly laugh about this F-2?

At my old school pace the most exacerbating signaling is the aluminium pencil erasers that tin be establish eveywhere. My married woman was in the first graduating social class of this simple school back somewhere in the 50's (I make bold not age her). I tried to happen out why this school have got 10 modern times more aluminum erasers than any other schoolyard I have hunted. She and none of her school brothers could reply my question. Guess what? It is no longer a problem. From my rubbish garden, then to the school grounds, I learned to aim and notch this threat out. In 2 hours I establish 20 coins including a 1913 Canadian Quarter, a 1936 American Bison Nickel and 2- 1945 corn cents and did not delve up one pencil eraser. This school closed down a few old age ago and any coins are remnants as the evidence are fenced in and only a few people are given permission to even walk the old campus evidence and drama areas. I have got got used top of the line Garrett, White, Minelab, Tesoro and Bounty Hunter units of measurement along with my Fisherman cz20 and have establish fewer coins than this. My trip to the Tarpon Springs Beach with the F-2 was short-lived as rainfall came within 10 minutes. However, I did retrieve a nice sterling earring and three pennies. I will not utilize this instrument in the H2O as fresh or salt H2O invasion would desroy this great small detector. In fact, I am convinced that the F-2 with its 4 inch spiral will outperform any sensor with a similar size coil. It is fast, it is stable and it travels very deep. WOW! I would bear down no less than $60-$100 for the 4" addition. Here's to "diggin It"! Larry

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