Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Review Of The Cold Steel Gunsite Folding Knife

It's no secret that tanto knives are tough. Unlike most knife styles, the tanto leaf blade makes not go extremely thin at the point.

The Cold Steel Gunsite folding knives have got been trusted by military and law enforcement force for many years.

Cold Steel offers the Gunsite booklets in two different sizes. One with a four inch leaf leaf leaf blade (#29GLTH) and one with a five inch blade (#29GXTH).

Both Gunsite booklets come up with a one-half serrated blade and tanto style tip.

I was able to acquire a good terms on the five inch theoretical account and my reappraisal will cover that knife.

What I like about the knife:

1. VG-1 unstained steel have proven itself to be one of the best in the world. Each Gunsite folding knife have a leaf blade that is crafted with VG-1 steel.

This steel is very immune to rust and corrosion, but difficult adequate to remain crisp when you necessitate it most.

2. Cold Steel utilizes a lockback system on the Gunsite series. You can open up the knife with the pollex he-man on the blade. To fold the knife, simply force down the button on the handle.

3. Like a traditional samurai sword, Cold Steel have implemented a blood channel or "fuller" which assists to equilibrate the leaf leaf blade and maintain it light.

You will detect this characteristic directly beneath the spinal column of the blade.

4. I like that the leaf blades are half serrated because the serrations come up in convenient for cutting rope, boxes, seatbelts, etc.

The apparent border part of the knife is in front. This portion will be easy to sharpen when you necessitate to.

5. The Gunsite Folders have got "jimping" on the spinal column of the blade. This characteristic is also called pollex channels and lets you to use pressure level when making razor thin cuts.

What I didn't like:

1. The pocket cartridge holder is only made for right handed carry. Some left-handers might lose out on an amazing knife because of this.


The Cold Steel Gunsite Fold Knife is one of the toughest knives out there. They are very reasonably priced and I highly urge them to anyone.

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