Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Review Of The Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Knife

Do you have got a favourite hunting knife? What is the best portion about it?

Hunters all over the human race are falling in love with the film editing ability and border keeping of Cold Steel's Pendleton Hunter. After hearing positive reappraisals from a broad scope of people, I decided to acquire a Pendleton Hunter of my ain and see what the ballyhoo is all about.

What I like about the Pendleton Hunter:

1. The leaf blade is 3.5 ins long. This size leaf blade lets you to do a assortment of cuts, while being little adequate to not acquire in your way.

2. The Pendleton Hunter's leaf blade is hollow land with VG-1 steel. Cold Steel also utilizes a proved drop-point design, which gives you a razor crisp edge.

VG-1 is known for its border retention ability and sharpness.

The hollow land leaf blade style gives The Pendleton Hunter a thin adequate border to do the most precise cuts imagineable. At 3/16" thick, the leaf blade is thick adequate to set up with a whole batch of punishment.

3. Cold Steel's Pendleton Hunter come ups with a rugged "secure-ex" sheath. Secure-Ex is basically difficult plastic stuff with a belt cringle on the top. This sheath should be up to almost any undertaking that you set in presence of it.

4. With a recommended retail value of $79.99, a top of the line-hunting knife have never been more than affordable.

What I didn't like about it:

1. The leaf blade could be a small spot longer. I believe even a half-inch More would do the Pendleton Hunter execute a small spot better.

2. It would be helpful if the knife came with at least partial serrations.


The Pendleton Hunter by Cold Steel is deserving the money. If you desire a small, but razor crisp knife that you can number on in the field then check up on out this knife.

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