Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Review Of The Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife is a time-honored classic in the knife world. Many companies do their ain versions but very few are as impressive or solid as the Cold Steel Laredo Bowie.

Cold Steel do two versions of the Laredo. One in SK-5 high C steel and one in VG-1 San Mai three steel.

In this article, I will reexamine the San Mai three version that is taking the knife industry by storm.

What I like about the knife:

1. San Mai steel intends that three layers of steel are folded together. This includes an interior layer of ace tough VG-1 unstained steel and outer layers of 400 series stainless, which give it flexibility.

The thought behind San Mai three steel is that you are getting a perfect combination of border keeping with minimum brittleness.

My Laredo James Bowie was hair shaving crisp right out of the box.

2. The smooth manage made from micarta looks very glossy and is built to take a beating.

3. The false border (clip point) on the Cold Steel Laredo James Bowie is sharpened. This gives you a batch of added film editing power.

4. At 10.5 inches, the Laredo Bowie's leaf blade is large adequate to be devastatingly effective. It is little adequate to transport with you or hide if necessary.

What I didn't like:

1. The sheath doesn't have got a belt loop. It have a brass nail down that catches unto your belt. The sheath is made from leather and is pretty sturdy.

Overall: The Cold Steel Laredo James Bowie is well deserving the request price. Every piece of stuff in the knife is utterly high class.

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