Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Review Of The Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife

The tanto knife style was first made popular by Cold Steel in the 1980s.

Knife partisans have got been in love with tanto knives for many years. This is because of their ace thick and reinforced tip.

In 2007, Cold Steel revived a clip proven classic with the G.I. Tanto fixed leaf blade knife.

I recently picked up a gilbert Tanto of my own, and here are my thoughts:

What I like:

1. The gilbert Tanto is made with one solid piece of 1055 C steel. This steel is known for its stamina and border retention ability.

The manage is wrapped with Parity cord. This characteristic gives the knife a tactical expression and experience that you've gotta clasp to appreciate.

2. With a recommended retail value of $30, The gilbert Tanto is an unbelievable trade for the money.

3. Its hollow land leaf blade have a thin adequate border to do razor thin slices, but its thick adequate to defy almost any torment test.

4. The manus guard is also made from 1055 C steel. This gives you a batch of added protection from cutting your fingers on the blade.

What I didn't like:

1. The film editing border was not quite as crisp as most Cold Steel knives. My samurai shark was able to set a razor crisp border on the gilbert Tanto almost instantly.

2. The cordura sheath could be a small spot more rugged. For $20 Iodine buzzword kick too much though.


Cold Steel's gilbert Tanto is one of the best trades of 2008. For the request price, you truly cannot spell incorrect with such as a street fighter knife.

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